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Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s statement on the situation in Belarus

Created: 2020.09.23 / Updated: 2020.09.23 21:53

In response to a secretly held self-inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko for the new term of the President of Belarus on 23 September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania reaffirms that the presidential election held in Belarus on 9 August did not comply with the international commitments of Belarus and globally recognized standards of democracy. It was not free and fair. Thus, Lithuania recognizes neither the result of the election nor Alexander Lukashenko as a legitimate leader of Belarus. The newly self-inaugurated Lukashenko does not legally have any rights to represent the people of Belarus or their interests.

We urge the de-facto Belarusian authorities to hear the voice of the citizens calling for organising a new democratic election in Belarus, ending the repression against the nation, and releasing all detainees, including political prisoners.

Lithuania highlights that the current crisis in Belarus can only be resolved by engaging in dialogue with the civil society, which is represented by the elected leader of the people of Belarus – Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya – and the Coordination Council that has been established at her initiative. If need be, we stand ready to offer all necessary assistance and mediation in an attempt to facilitate the dialogue. We will welcome a new democratic presidential election with the presence of international election observers. It is in our interest to foster a good neighbourly relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Thus, we strongly support the sovereignty and independence of Belarus.

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